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Share the function of hot air stenter setting machine

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In the textile industry, we often use stenter setting machines, so do you know the purpose of using this equipment?The hot air stenter setting machine is mainly composed of several main devices. Each device has a different function. Let's take a look at this aspect above.

What are the main structures and functions of the hot air stenter setting machine?
First of all, let’s summarize the main structure of the hot air stenter setting machine. Its main devices are: cloth inlet and outlet device, rolling device, hot air circulation system, cooling device, weft straightener device, drying room, overfeeding devices, door width adjustment devices and dehumidification devices, etc.The cloth in and out device is used to feed and discharge cloth, so the car device is also mainly used to pad the fabric.

In addition, the main function of the hot air circulation system of the hot air drawing and setting machine is to improve the heat energy utilization efficiency and production efficiency of the equipment.Therefore, the cooling device also cools down the finished product, in addition to reducing fabric creases..As for the overfeeding device, it is also important to adjust the warp shrinkage of the product to improve the fabric feel.The door width adjustment device also helps to keep the fabric flat and the door width stable.

What is the overall function of the hot air stenter setting machine?
It may be necessary to use a hot air stenter setting machine for final treatment of the fabric. The main purpose is to appropriately improve the surface quality of the fabric through this operation.After all, this operation can reduce dyeing shrinkage, improve dyeing uniformity, and make the fabric look more beautiful.
In addition, after being processed by the hot air stenter setting machine, the yarn strength and hand feel of the fabric have been significantly improved, so it can also eliminate static electricity and improve the overall quality of the product.

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