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Detailed explanation of operating specifications of hot air stenter setting machine

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Before starting the hot air stenter setting machine, the staff forgot to check it to ensure that it can be used stably.Then set the temperature according to the process requirements, and then turn on the circulation fan. During the heating stage, when the speed of the main machine reaches 15m/min and reaches the predetermined temperature, the cloth can be put on.

When applying the cloth, it should be noted that both ends should be as flat as possible.When starting the main machine of the stenter setting machine, the bell should be rung to notify the operator at the rear of the car. When the cloth reaches the rear of the car, the cloth should be threaded at a slow speed and the fabric should be tightened. The staff in front should be ready to cooperate. .Remember, the safety protective cover should be intact and stable where the machine enters and exits the cloth to prevent accidents.
During operation, if any problem is found, the equipment should be shut down immediately and must not be careless.besides,
The gray fabric must be seamed and no knots are allowed to prevent damage to the rubber roller and cause safety accidents.If the stenter setting machine equipment should be shut down as required after the operation is completed, the cooling requirements should also be notified to the heat transfer oil furnace room before shutting down.Stop the circulating fan first and open the door to cool down. If the temperature drops to 80°C, it can be stopped.
During daily operations, workers need to maintain good working habits, especially to regularly check the heat transfer oil pipelines in the oven. If there is oil leakage, it should be dealt with in time.In addition, the stenter setting machine should also be disinfected and cared for and maintained in a stable operating condition.
It should be noted that whether it is disinfection or adding lubricating oil, it should be carried out after the equipment stops running.If the stenter setting machine is in operation, operations such as wiping the chain, brushing the needle plate, wiping the rollers, etc. are not allowed to prevent accidents.

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